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Doc Holliday’s Gunfight Palace

Doc Holliday’s Gunfight Palace is a great tourist destination that will allow you to sit through reenactments on a daily basis, several of them at different times. They not only give you the history behind the town and some of the most famous shootings, they go back even farther than that with some of the earlier history as well. It is a wonderful place to start your touring of Allen Street and the rest of Tombstone. You can’t go through the history of the Wild Wild West without wanting to visit this place, definitely one of the best attractions out there.

Brief History of Doc Holliday’s Gunfight Palace
Doc Holiday, also known as John Henry, is as famous as Wyatt Earp and the rest of Tombstone. The stories that surface when you talk to anyone about the history of Doc Holliday are infamous. Most people also don’t know that he went to school for dentistry. Although many of the stories of Holliday’s amazing shooting or ability to keep himself alive over his opponents have been proven to not be true, there is still plenty there to assume that he was someone that could handle himself with a gun and eventually died due to tuberculosis. He was most famous for his involvement in the O.K. Corral shootout with Wyatt Earp at his side and Morgan and Virgil. They stood up to a group of cowboys and it will never be forgotten.

No matter which stories can be proven and which ones can’t, Doc Holliday will forever be an immortal for his involvement in the Wild Wild West. The amount of respect that was shown to him by people like Wyatt Earp is a testament to his legacy.

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The address for this attraction is 521 Allen Street, Tombstone, AZ 85638. You can also reach them by phone at (520) 508-5736.