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Fairbank – Ghost Town

This is a neat opportunity to see a ghost town that is right off of the main road. It is one of the easier ghost hunts and is perfect for beginners and yet it still peaks the interest of those avid ghost hunters that like the history of the places that they visit. This former rail road town has long since been abandoned, and it makes for the prime location to look for a little paranormal activity. The history behind the buildings and the location is second to none, and it is sure to be a good experience.

Brief History of Fairbank (Ghost Town)

The town of Fairbank was established shortly after the rail road created a station there in 1882. N.K. Fairbank is who the city was named after, who was a rich Chicago merchant, and he also had stock in the rail road as well. The city of Fairbank was an important place to Tombstone, as it was a supply point for them. It was a city that flourished well into the twentieth century, until eventually it was abandoned down the road.

When the mines closed down in Tombstone and the drought hit the farmers in Fairbank, it was just too much for the city to take and it eventually had to just shut down. In the year 1890, September brought with it a flood from the San Pedro River that surely put the nail in the coffin of the city. No lives were lost, but there was a lot of property damage. There aren’t many stories that involve the city, but a few are still in existence that keep them in the Wild Wild West.

Contact Information

If you want to learn more about Fairbank you can do so by visiting:


You can also get in touch with them by visiting 2679 N. Old Fairbank Road, Tombstone, AZ. They can also be contacted by phone at 457-3062.