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Helldorado Gunfight Theater and Restaurant

This is a great tourist attraction that gives you a little bit of comedy mixed in with your history. A lot of the attractions that you will see on Allen Street in Tombstone, Arizona, are really just focused on the history and giving a realistic look into the past. The Helldorado Gunfight Theater and Restaurant is a great way to get some history but is also a great place to laugh as well. There are things like mini-golf, panning for gold, shooting galleries, and of course food. Not to mention a stunt show that is sure to have you impressed.

Brief History of the Helldorado Gunfight Theater and Restaurant
A lot of people have wondered where the term “Helldorado” comes from, and it is a completely valid question. For the answer, you have to go back to July of 1881. A man that was unhappy with mining wrote the Tombstone Nugget newspaper about his unhappiness. He said that instead of finding their “Eldorado” of riches, they were left with most people doing menial jobs like washing dishes and things of that nature. He said that they found their “Helldorado”. The phrase stuck and is still used today, just not in the same way. It is only used today to describe the time period and what people were going through at the time.

Now we even have a Helldorado festival that is held every third weekend of October, which basically is a weekend of entertainment in a carnival like setting. There are even fashion shows and a parade. Many people consider it a great opportunity to celebrate the rich history of Tombstone, Arizona, and a chance to really have a good time.

Contact Information
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You can call (520)221-2008 for more information as well. The address for the Helldorado Gunfight Theater and Restaurant is 339 S. 4th St., Tombstone, AZ 85638.