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The Boothill Cemetery

The Boothill Cemetery is the resting place to some of the most notorious outlaws during the western time period. It served as a burial place for many of the town’s first pioneers, but later on down the road it was neglected and almost completely lost. Now it is not just a cemetery, but it is also a tourist area where people come to see some of the outlaws that have been laid to rest there. It truly is one of the quickest ways to see just what happened during the 1880s after the silver boom and when a town called Tombstone was born.

Brief History of the Boothill Cemetery

The graveyard that is known as Boothill Cemetery was laid out as a burial plot during 1878. It was originally known as “The Tombstone Cemetery”. It was used as that until 1884, when the present plot was established as a burial place. For many years after that, the cemetery was known simply as the “old cemetery”, and it was neglected for an extremely long time.

The only reason that you can still see what has been preserved today is because a lot of hard work was put in by interested citizens that were willing to help keep the cemetery the way it currently looks. This is truly one of the symbols of the time, as it is the burial place for both the good and the bad of early Tombstone. You can find a list of who is buried there and how they died online at boothillgraves.com.

Contact Information

If you want more information on the Boothill Cemetery you can visit:


The address for the cemetery is 408 N. Hwy 80, Tombstone, AZ 85638. You can also get a hold of them by phone at (520) 457-3300.