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The Crystal Palace Saloon

The Crystal Palace Saloon of Tombstone, Arizona, is still a saloon that is serving the public. It is also a restaurant that serves wonderfully portioned food that is sure to hit the spot. The saloon still serves drinks, but also has live music on Fridays and Saturdays. It also has those girls that make the saloon so famous, just like they had in the 1880s. Ms. Kimmie is the current owner after she purchased the saloon when she arrived in Tombstone, she loved the history and colorful past of the Crystal Palace Saloon and simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy it.

Brief History of the Crystal Palace Saloon

The saloon was originally named the Golden Eagle Brewing Company when it was first established. It was one of Tombstone’s very first saloons that didn’t take up a whole lot of space and had a brewery in the rear of the building. Eventually the building was expanded and the second story had offices that were home to some of the legends of the 1880s, like U.S. Deputy Marshal Virgil Earp.

Eventually the fires that came through and wiped out most of Tombstone were too much to handle for the Crystal Palace Saloon. They got through the first fire in 1881, and it was just about one of the only buildings that made it through with minimal damage. The second fire, however, came through in 1882 and was simply too much for the building and it ended up getting completely destroyed.

When the building was rebuilt, it was given the name of the Crystal Palace Saloon. When it was rebuilt, it became known more as a fine dining location that also served cigars, wine, and liquor. Live music and even gambling were a part of the entertainment every night. Eventually when prohibition and gambling laws kicked in, the Palace was switched to a theater, and several other incarnations over the years.

Contact Information

You can get more information about the Crystal Palace Saloon at:


There address is 436 E. Allen Street, P.O. Box 374, Tombstone, AZ 85638. You can also call them at (520) 457-3611.