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The Historic Gleeson Jail

Get a look at another piece of Tombstone history with the Historic Gleeson Jail. The jail is open for visitors and gives you a glimpse into the small town that is known as Gleeson. It was a small town that rose and fell fairly quickly, and a few highlights of the town included the jail. That sounds bad, but from a strictly historical perspective it was one of the highlights. It was home to some of the most notorious outlaws of the time period and it is a place you are going to want to have on your list of attractions to see in the Wild Wild West.

Brief History of the Historic Gleeson Jail

Gleeson is a town that was thriving at one point and had over a thousand people. It is also another place where many shootouts took place over the years that past during the western years. There were lots of altercations over things like bootleggers, gambling, backstabbing miners, train robbers, and a variety of other folks.

The town jail has been restored by a group of locals that wanted to see the history of Gleeson not go to waste. It is a place where visitors and even people that used to live there seem to frequent. You can visit it when it is open the first Saturday of every month. Make sure that you get in touch with them ahead of time or with the Tombstone visitor’s center to find out if they are indeed open and if their schedule is open the day that you want to go.

Contact Information

You can get more information about the Historic Gleeson Jail by visiting their website at:


You can also find them on Gleeson Road, East of Tombstone, Tombstone, AZ.