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The Tombstone Epitaph

The Tombstone Epitaph is the newspaper that was around during the boom in Tombstone, Arizona. They reported on some of the most famous people in the history books as far as the Wild Wild West goes. Now they put out issues that tell stories of the people from that time period and they keep the newspaper going as a way to teach the history of Tombstone. They are still taking subscribers and you can even see some of the history behind the reporting of the 1880s and beyond. It is a great piece of journalism history and western history.

Brief History of the Tombstone Epitaph

Many of the frontiers of the west were pushing hard to make sure that they had things that the east had like newspapers, post offices, schools, churches, and stage lines. These newspapers were a source of news that allowed for information to be distributed quickly to those that were in town. The Tombstone Epitaph was founded in 1880 by a man named John Philip Clum. He did his best to stay unbiased during the reporting, but he really only wanted to stick to his ethics and puritan views.

When the story broke about the O.K. Corral shooting with Wyatt Earp and the cowboys, he could not stay unbiased any longer. When the print came out about the shooting it basically said that the Earp’s were justified in the shooting of the cowboys. Clum never really liked cowboys anyways, and never referred to them as citizens. He only thought that people that settled down in one place were citizens. All in all it was a mining newspaper first and foremost.

Contact Information

You can learn more about the Tombstone Epitaph by visiting their website at:


If that is not enough, you can give them a call at (520) 457-2211 or you can visit them at 11 S. Fifth Street, Tombstone, AZ 85638-1880.