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The Tombstone Gunfighters

If you are looking for some entertainment while you are in Tombstone, you need to go to the Old West Theater. It can be found on Toughnut and 5th, and it is a duplicate of what Tombstone was like when it was a boom town. SAG actors create a masterful performance that is fun for the whole family. These professionals combine comedy with action and they give you a little bit of history as well. Let these professionals make your visit to Tombstone one of the best destinations that you have ever been too.

Brief History of the Tombstone Gunfighters

This show has been entertaining people for over 25 years, and is performed by SAF stunt actors. Everyone knows that the history of Tombstone is an amazing story of good versus evil, and a story of pioneers that were trying to make the most of their situation. There are so many famous gunfights and encounters that it is almost impossible to get them all into a show. They do their best to put on a show and keep your family entertained while you are learning.

The gunfight shows are performed daily at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. Eddie “Ransom” McKechnie is one of those stars that provides a wonderful show. He is also the owner of the Tombstone Gunfighters. He has been in several movies and TV shows such as Tombstone, The Postman, The Young Riders, and Lightening Jack. He has also been in quite a few commercials and is a well known actor/stunt man. His crew is even available for corporate events and parties as well.

Contact Information

Those of you that want to learn more about Eddie and the Tombstone Gunfighters can do so at:


You can also reach them by email on their website listed above as well. They are located at 128 S. 5th Street, Tombstone, AZ 85638.