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Tin Cup Mining Company

The Tin Cup Mining Company is a piece of history for the legendary town of Tombstone, Arizona. Mining is the biggest part of Tombstone becoming a boom town and it is a great way to get the history behind the life blood of one of the most infamous cities in American history. Many people seem to forget the history of mining in the region and they seem to just focus on the outlaws and the lawmen. This is a great chance to learn a part of the Tombstone history that you may not have even thought about previously.

Brief History of the Tin Cup Mining Company

The Tin Cup Mining Company was established during the boom of Tombstone during the silver rush. So many men were working in those mines, and a few even died in those mines. You really can’t get much more into the history of the town of Tombstone without visiting the mines. If you ask someone about Wyatt Earp they will usually know a lot and can tell you all about him. But, if you ask someone about the Tin Cup Mining Company, most people didn’t even know that it was in Tombstone.

Eventually the company had to close up shop, simply because there was nothing left for them in Tombstone. But, the stories among the mines during that time period that they were being mined is quite amazing. Not only can you learn about Tombstone, but while you are there you can learn what most men were doing while they were working in the mines. This company is a piece of Wild Wild West history, much like everything else in the town of Tombstone.

Contact Information

The Tin Cup Mining Company can be located at the address of 214 E. Fremont Street, Tombstone, AZ 85638. You can also reach them by phone at (520) 457-2363.