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Tombstone AZ Hotels

Apache Spirit Ranch in Tombstone

895 West Monument RD
Tombstone, Arizona
E-mail: reservation@apachespiritranch.com
Website: http://www.apachespiritranch.com


Tombstone Motel

502 East Fremont St
Tombstone, Arizona
E-mail: tombstonemotel@theriver.com
Phone: 520-457-3478
Website: http://tombstonemotel.com

Bella Union Adobe Lodge

501 East Fremont ST
Tombstone, AZ
E-mail: bellauniontombstone@gmail.com
Website: http://www.bellauniontombstone.com

Crazy Annies Bordello B&B

95 South 10th Street
Tombstone, Arizona
E-mail: info@crazyanniesbordello.com
Phone: 520-457-3847 
Website: http://www.crazyannies.com

Holiday Inn Express

580 West Randolph Way 
Tombstone, AZ
E-mail: hiex10@gmail.com
Phone: 520-457-9507
Website: http://www.hitombstone.com

Katie’s Cozy Cabins

16 West Allen Street
Tombstone, Arizona
E-mail: katiescozycabins@aol.com
Phone: 520-457-3963
Website: http://www.cabinsintombstone.com

Larian Motel of Tombstone

410 East Fremont Street
Tombstone, AZ 
E-mail: larianmotel@powerc.net
Phone: 520-457-2272
Website: http://www.tombstonemotels.com

Marie’s Engaging Bed & Breakfast

101 North Fourth St. 
Tombstone AZ
E-mail: info@mariesbandb.com
Phone: 520-457-3831 
Website: http://www.mariesbandb.com

Quails Nest Inn

2417 Silver Strike Trail 
Tombstone AZ
Phone: 520-507-6954 
Website: http://www.thequailsnestinn.com

Stampede Bed and Breakfast

201 West Allen St
Tombstone AZ 
E-mail: stampederv@gmail.com
Phone: 520-457-3738
Website: http://www.tombstone-stampede.com

Tombstone Sagebrush Inn

320 East Bruce St
Tombstone AZ
Phone: 520-457-2311
Website: http://tombstonesagebrushinn.com