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Tombstone Court House

The Tombstone Court House gives you an authentic look at the Wild Wild West and of the famous building where Wyatt Earp was involved in a trial for the shoot out at the O.K. Corral. If you are looking for authentic western American history, you wont have to look much farther than this amazingly preserved site. It is now a tourist destination that offers not only history, but activities like shopping and horseback riding as well.

Brief History of the Location

This Cochise County Court House of Tombstone, Arizona, was established in 1882. After the rush in 1881, a county was established and they had a need for a court house. The rush for silver didn’t last as long as most would think, and by 1931 the location was completely abandoned. The court house was home to many historic trials, including the one that involved Wyatt Earp and his trial for the O.K. Corral shoot out.

On the bottom of the court house and to the rear of the building is where you would find the cells that housed the prisoners that were awaiting trial or those waiting to be transferred to the Yuma Territorial Prison.

After the building was bought in the 1940s to be made into a hotel, that project failed shortly after. But not before they did some damage and tried to change the historic building. Then the Tombstone Restoration Commission got a hold of the building in 1955, and this was when the restoration process to the court house began.

Now days you can learn all about not only the history of the location, but you can also see what it was like to be involved in the court house for one reason or another back when it was a functioning court house. A lot of work has been put into restoring the building and making it what it is today, it is definitely worth a visit if you haven’t had the time to go yet.

Contact Information

You can get more information about the Tombstone Court House at their website at:


If you want to reach them by phone, just call (520) 457-3311. The address for the Tombstone Court House is 223 East Toughnut Street, Tombstone, AZ 85638.

The hours of availability are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. They are closed on Christmas and you will need to check the holiday schedule for other days that they might close early.